Tilburg, Amsterdam produce most solar power

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Solar energy in the Netherlands has shown a strong increase since 2011. Of the 10 largest Dutch cities, Tilburg produces the most solar energy per resident. Amsterdam generates the most solar power overall.

This is according to a report by Natuur & Milieu, or Nature & Environment in English. The foundation examined all of the nearly 400 Dutch municipalities on the amount of solar energy they generate.

Amsterdam, Zwolle and Sudwest Fryslan have the largest capacity to generate solar energy. But per resident, Amsterdam is on 390th place in the rankings. "This seems logical, given their housing: lots of stacked construction and rental housing and slightly lower than average income are not favorable conditions for residents installing solar panels", Nature and Environment said to NU. "At the same time Amsterdam, among others, shows that with polices and creativity much can be achieved in these cities and that many municipal measures for solar energy bear fruit."

Of all the municipalities in the Netherlands, Zeewolde generates the most solar energy per capita. According to Nature & Environment, this can partly be attributed to the many farmers in the region making use of the government subsidies to remove asbestos from their roofs and install solar panels. Dalfsen and Eersel got second and third place in the total rankings.

Of the 10 largest cities, Rotterdam generates the least solar energy per resident - 21 times less than Zeewolde and 4 times less than Tilburg.

In the energy agreement, governments, industry and environmental organizations agreed that by 2020 14 percent of generated energy will be renewable energy. At this stage only 4.8 percent of generated energy is sustainable energy, 0.2 percent of which is solar energy. "To achieve the objective of the Energy Agreement, a great effort is required. Solar energy is one of the possibilities", according to Nature & Environment.


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