Two year prison sentence for teen prostitution pimp

Armin A., the pimp and main suspect in the Valkenburg teen prostitution case, was sentence to two years in prison by the coin Maastricht on Thursday.

The Public Prosecutor had demanded a 3 year prison sentence against A. According to the court, A. never showed that "he sees the evil of his actions and he has also shown no awareness of what he has done to the victim."

In the judgment, the teen victim in the case is also referred to as a human trafficking victim, and someone who was coerced into the situation.

The 21 year old A. was charged with inciting a 16 year old girl into prostitution. Late last year, the girl had sexual relations for money with at least 60 men in ten days time, the prosecutor alleged. All of the money collected was taken by A. for use in a casino.

The girl's parents recently decided to demand compensation from their daughter's customers. The girl is currently being treated in a clinic specializing in victims of pimps.