Aruba demands "thorough investigation" after resident dies in custody

Mitch Henriquez and his cousin Mary Jacopucci-Wilson (Picture: Facebook/Mary Jacopucci-Wilson)Mitch Henriquez and his cousin Mary Jacopucci-Wilson (Picture: Facebook/Mary Jacopucci-Wilson)

The Electorale Volksbeweging, the opposition party in Aruba, has written a letter to the Dutch government in which they demand a "thorough investigation" into the death of 42  year old Aruban Mitch Henriquez after he was arrested at a festival in The Hague on Saturday.

According to the party, the Aruban society is "very shocked" by Henriquez death, ANP reports.

According to the Public Prosecutor, Henriquez was arrested at the Night at the Park music festival in The Hague after saying that he had a weapon. He became unwell on the way to the police station. Police officers started CPR and an ambulance took him to the hospital in very critical condition. He passed away on Sunday.

The Public Prosecutor and National Police have launched an investigation into a possible link between the officers' actions during the arrest and Henriquez' subsequent death. According to the Prosecutor, the man resisted arrest and the police had to use force to take him to the police station. Henriquez' family believe that he died due to police violence.