Attorney: Political leader killed after police missteps

Bart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in RotterdamBart van U. implicated in the January 2015 murder of his sister Lois in Rotterdam

Noelle Pieterse, the lawyer representing Bart van U. who is suspected in the murder of former minister Els Borst, thinks that Borst's death could have been avoided if it wasn't for a "painful succession of failures" by the police.

This is in response to a report by EenVandaag that Van U. had repeatedly tried to serve the 3 year prison sentence he received for a violent offense in 2012, but was always sent away by the police and emergency service. This is according to an internal police document, containing an overview of contacts the police had with Van U. between 2012 and 2015, that EenVandaag has in its possession.

In 2012 the court in The Hague sentenced Van U. to 3 years in prison because he "poses a danger to society", according to the report. He was never sent to prison to serve this sentence .

In July 2013 Van U. showed up at the prison in Nieuwegein and demanded to be taken into custody so that he could serve his sentence. The prison refused to let him in and the police in Rotterdam did not come and get him, so he went free.

In October 2013 Van U. was arrested in Brussels. He seemed to be in a confused state and was carrying a knife. He was admitted to a clinic in Grimbergen, which he eventually escaped from.

On January 30th, 2014 Van U. showed up at the Central Police Office in Rotterdam. According to EenVandaag, the official report reads: "He threw fireworks on the counter and refused to leave. Van U. indicated that he has no control over himself and that he wants to be arrested. If he is not detained, he will commit criminal offenses. Van U. assessed. Van U. is not detained because he is not a problem for himself or for others". Here too no one seemed to notice that there was still an outstanding 3 year prison sentence against Van U.

On February 10th last year Els Borst was found dead in her home. The police started looking for a disturbed man who was seen at her home a few days before she was murdered.

On February 11th, 2014 Van U. was arrested at the police station in Amersfoort with fireworks and a knife. He was admitted to the Meanders Medical Center in Amersfoort and transferred to Delta Psy in Portugal a short time later.

On January 11th this year the police started a manhunt for Van U. after his sister, Lois van U., was found stabbed to death. On January 12th, Van U. turned himself in. Two weeks later, the police announced that Van U.'s DNA matched a sample found in Els Borst's home and that Van U. is now also a suspect in that murder.


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