Gas extraction could slow even further in Groningen

Henk Kamp (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/ (Henk Kamp (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/

Gas extraction in Groningen may be reduced even further for the rest of this year. Sources from within the Binnenhof told NU that the total gas extraction for 2015 may be capped at 30 billion cubic meters, instead of the 39.5 billion cubic meters agreed upon earlier this year.

According to the NU, it is possible to restrict the gas extraction further because the risk of a severe winter before the end of the year is very small, so no reserve is needed to provide for very cold days. Severe cold usually hits the Netherlands only in January and February.

In addition to that, the gas storage facility in Norg, Drenthe has a spare capacity of 3 billion cubic meters that can be used. This means that only 13.5 billion cubic meters of gas has to be extracted in the second half of this year for the so-called "supply security" to be met.

Minister Henk Kamp of Economic Affairs is expected to announce his decision on gas extraction in Groningen for the rest of the year in a letter to the Tweede Kamer, lower house of parliament, on Tuesday.

Authorities in Groningen have decided to withhold reactions on the news until Kamp's formal decision has been announced. "We have not seen a decision yet so we can not comment", a spokesperson for Loppersom mayor Alberd Rodenboog told the NU. The new National Coordinator Groningen, Hans Alders, also refused to comment.