Six of 32 Dutch jihadists killed came from Amsterdam

Six of the 32 Dutch jihadists who have been killed in the war in Syria and Iraq came from Amsterdam. One of them was a minor and two have been convicted of crimes with terrorist intent.

The municipality of Amsterdam announced these figures on Friday, NRC reports.

The municipality is currently keeping an eye on 60 people who have been radicalized or may be susceptible to radicalization. Three Amsterdam residents have been placed on the passport alert register, meaning that their passports may be confiscated. The municipality emphasized that these figures are a snapshot of how things stand at this moment.

Municipalities are free to make figures public on dutch jihadists from their region who have traveled to the Middle East. Amsterdam has been hesitant to release these figures so far as it could cause unrest or stand in the way of ongoing investigations. Last year The Hague announced that 7 of the killed Dutch jihadists came from The Hague. Earlier this year Utrecht spoke of two jihadists from the city killed.

According to figures from the National Coordinator for Counter-terrorism and Security, about 200 Dutch jihadists have traveled to the Middle East so far. Approximately 120 of them are in conflict areas and 35 have returned to the Netherlands.