Dutchman, 3 others remanded over naked Malaysia photo

Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/David Haslip). (Mount Kinabalu in Malaysia (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/David Haslip))

A 23 year old Dutchman and three other tourists were remanded in Malaysia for on May 30th. 

The four tourists -  the Dutchman, a British man and two women from Canada - were brought before the magistrate in Malaysia, who ordered that they remain in custody for further investigation, The Star reports. The British man was arrested in Tawau on Tuesday. The three others turned themselves in the same day.

According to AD, the park in which the mountain stands has logged a complaint with the police and the four tourists will likely be charged. They could face a prison sentence of up to 3 months and a fine.

The tourists upset the local population with their nudity on the mountain, which they believe to be sacred. Local priests believe that the earthquake in the area a few days later was caused by the tourists behavior.