"Go hard" condoms sold at kids' theme park Walibi

Walibi Holland (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rob Koster ). (Walibi Holland (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Rob Koster))

Kids theme park Walibi Holland has added a new, rather controversial, product to the souvenir shops - Walibi condoms, with the park's slogan "Go hard" printed on the packaging. 

According to the theme park, there is definitely a need for condoms. "Last year we conducted a survey on potential new products", marketing manager Marc Antonioli said to the Telegraaf. In it condoms were mentioned most often. It indicates that there is certainly a demand from our target audience, the teenagers."

The association Parents of Value is shocked. "Condoms are not souvenirs that you should offer in such a place", director Werner van Katwijk said. "It is bizarre that young children are faced with contraceptives during a day out."

Jaap Oosterveld, faction chairman of the ChristenUnie in Dronten, wants to discuss the decision with Walibi. He calls it "very strange" that a family park in his municipality includes condoms in the range. "The target group of Walibi consists largely of primary school children. You do not want to expose them to that? This is bizarre and definitely not according to our values."