Dutch grow quantum mechanics, supercomputers with €135m fund

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In the next ten years, the government is planning to invest 135 million euros into development of supercomputers with exponential power, known as quantum computers. The cabinet intends to strengthen the position of the Dutch institute for quantum technology, QuDelft, which will help scientists and companies take advantage of the developing science.

The global market for applications of quantum technology is expected to grow to 2 billion euros per year by 2020.

Economics Minister Henk Kamp and Education Minister Jet Bussemaker signed the investment agreement with representatives from TU Delft on Tuesday. "The next generation of supercomputers offers an opportunity for Dutch companies to develop new products," Kamp said. "For these possibilities to develop here instead of elsewhere, the investment is necessary."

"It is important that through commitment and long-term investments, the Netherlands retains its place in the quantum mechanics and even expand," commented Jet Bussemaker. "Great scientists would be attracted to stay in the country, and their talents would be deployed in this fascinating area."

Through funding from the government, it is possible to attract additional private investors to invest in laboratories in QuTech, the cabinet argues. The laboratories currently employ around 100 scientists, which should double in five years.

The government appointed QuTech as one of the four "National Icons". The innovations produced by the industry ensure future prosperity and contribute to solving global issues, the government argues. National Icons receive customized support from the authorities.