Dutch youth call for end to reduced minimum wage

Waitress (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Json)Waitress (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Json)

Young workers and employers want the minimum youth wage to be abolished. Employers Organization AWVN Young HR and unions CNV Youth, FNV Jong and VCP Professionals have reached a so-called youth agreement on what collective bargaining agreements should look like in the future, NU reports.

In this agreement they state that young workers and older workers should get the same amount of off days and that wages should not be linked to age. The young workers and employers also suggest moving wages - employees get extra benefits when the company is doing well and give up some if the company is struggling. Another suggestion is that wages can be liked to an employees performance. This judgement will have to be based on an objective, measurable and transparent assessment, however.

With this agreement the Dutch youth want to give their views on how they think the changing labor market should be handled.