Record year for organ donations

Organ donation campaign (Picture: Twitter/@Celvalicious). (Organ donation campaign (Picture: Twitter/@Celvalicious))

Last year was a record year for organ donations in the Netherlands. There were a total of 537 living donors and 271 people donated their organs after death. There were a total of 785 organ transplants in the Netherlands in 2014, an increase of 11 percent.

This is according to the annual report of the Dutch Transplant Foundation. Both the number of living donors and donors after death increased in 2014. The number of people who donated their organs after death was even the highest number ever.

The number of living donors increased by 3 percent. The only organs that can be donated by a living donor are kidneys and parts of livers. Loving donors are responsible for 53 percent of the kidney transplants. The number of tissue donors increased by 2 percent to 1705.

"The final figures for 2014 show a positive image", said Bernadette Haase, director of the Dutch Transplant Foundation. "We are pleased with the increase in the  number of organ donors."