PVV resoundingly shuns own party leader

Marjolein Faber
Marjolein Faber (photo: PVV / Twitter)Marjolein Faber (photo: PVV / Twitter)

PVV State members in at lest 9 provinces did not vote for their leader for the Senate, Marjolein Faber, in the Senate elections on Tuesday, NOS reports.

It is very unusual for so many State members to not vote for their party's number 1. The reason they shunned Faber is unclear, but it may be related to her hiring her son to build the PVV Gelderland website.

Faber did not receive a single vote in the provinces Gelderland, which is her own province, Noord-Brabant, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Noord-Holland, Friesland, Drenthe and Groningen. Only two of the 9 Statemembers in Limburg voted for her.

The PVV did reach its 9 seats in the Senate, because all State members voted for a PVV candidate.