Walrus Olivia, 6, moves into Dolfinarium

Walrus Olivia (Picture: Dolfinarium)Walrus Olivia (Picture: Dolfinarium)

The Dolfinarium in Hardewijk has welcomed a new resident. Walrus Olivia moved in on Wednesday from Tiger Park Hagenbeck in Hamburg. According to the Dolifnarium, 6 year old Olivia is doing well. She has eaten, had a quiet night and has acquainted herself with the other walruses -  male Nikolai and females Olga, Rosita and Raisa. The walrus enclosure was renovated last year and now includes an innovative enrichment wall with jets of water that the walruses can play in. As the ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild, the walruses in the Dolphinarium are central to the Pole to Pole campaign, which aims to protect the poles by reducing CO2 emissions.