Sex workers Occupy Amsterdam; file suit against brothel closure

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Proud, the association for sex workers, has filed a lawsuit against the city of Amsterdam on behalf of the at least 24 window prostitutes who are unable to use their workplaces in the red light district from today. Today, May 1st, the Netherlands celebrates Labor Day.

The owner of the window brothels had to give up 18 of the brothels due to several abuses in the past. The new operator has applied for a licence, but for the intervening period - which could be up to a couple of months - the premises can not be used. Proud is demanding that the workplaces remain available during the new operator's licence application and that the sex workers are compensated for each they that they can't work.

To reinforce their demands, sex workers will also be occupying the unused premises, near the window brothel on Ouderzijds Acterburgwal number 50. The occupied buildings will be decorated with posters and banners.