Second Rotterdam Markthal arson attempt; police appeal to public

There was another case of arson in the Markthal on Tuesday. An as of yet unidentified perpetrator set fire to the Tropicahal - the same stall that was set on fire in March. The fire broke out just after closing time on Tuesday and was quickly extinguished by bystanders. Entrepreneurs who work in the Markthal told RTV Rijnmond that the fire was caused by a candle and a jerrycan. The police released a picture of the perpetrator on Thursday. The usual procedure is that the police would first try to identify the perpetrator internally, but as they fear that there may be a danger to people visiting the Markthal and the Markthal itself, the police decided to skip this step and release the picture right away. The police ask that anyone who may have any information on this matter please make contact with them immediately.