Susp. pimp in runaway teen forced prostitution case could see prison

Prison Cells
. Source: Flickr/Dylan Oliphant

The Public Prosecutor demanded a 2 year prison sentence against Armin A., suspected of pimping a 16 year old girl to as many as 80 men in Limburg, in the Maastricht court on Monday.

The suspect, Armin A., stands accused of forcing an underage girl into prostitution. He denies these accusations.

According to Dagblad van het Noorden, the girl was taken away from her accompanist in Groningen in August last year and placed in the juvenile institution Het Poortje. She contacted A., who she met once before, and asked him to come get her. After fleeing from the juvenile institution, the girl ended up in a hotel in Zaandam, where she spent a few days before traveling to Almere.

It is unclear with how many men the girl had sex. According to one of her testimonies, she had sex a few times a day for two weeks. The girl's testimony that Arthur Vonkel, A.'s lawyer, quoted in court on Monday stated that she made about 3 thousand euros through prostitution. The suspect allegedly collected the money.

The girl refused to press charges against A. and would not give any details about her clientele. According to the Public Prosecutor, she is a vulnerable girl who was the victim of sexual abuse within the family for years.

The court will rule on this case in two weeks, according to the newspaper.