Hackers steal data from Mapp.nl clients; 157,000 affected

The online store Mapp.nl has notified customers that hackers have stolen a portion of their customer base, including 157 thousand email addresses and encrypted passwords, Security.NL reports. According to a spokesperson, the attack happened via SQL Injection.

A number of online stores fall under Mapp.nl, including geheugen.nl, memorymannl, harddisk.nl, radiosjaak.nl and daschcamstore.nl.

The hack was discovered after a number of customers reported receiving spam on email addresses they only use for Mapp.nl. Further investigation eventually revealed that a part of the customer database had been accessed via SQL Injection, a known security problem that hackers use to gain access to databases.

Ass a precaution Mapp.nl has reset the passwords of all customers and notified them of the hack in an email. The email also advises customers to change the passwords of other site if the same one had been used.