Dutch brothers headed to Syria arrested in Turkey

Turkish officials arrested two Dutch citizens in the town of Alanya on Wednesday, Turkish newspapaer Daily Sabah reports. 

The police believe that the two brothers, aged 24 and 26 and of Moroccan descent, were planning to slip into Syria to join terrorist militant group Islamic State (ISIS). After being detained the two allegedly confessed their plans to join ISIS.

The two brothers were transferred to the Antalya Police Department's Foreigners Office to complete their deportation procedure.

According to the newspaper, the Turkish police have tightened security at airports, terminals bus stations and car companies as part of their efforts to stem the flow of foreign fighters through the country. A special risk analysis team tracks suspicious foreigners who are underage, who do not have hotel reservations or who are traveling to Turkey for the first time.  Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Melvut Cavusoglu previously stated that one of the main problems is that deported individuals keep returning to Turkey.