Video: Chimp knocks down drone in zoo enclosure

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Chimpanzees in the Koninklijke Burgers Zoo outwitted human technology by knocking a drone out of the sky on Friday morning.

The drone was filming the animals in their enclosures for the second season of the television program Burgers Zoo Natuurlijk. The chimps noticed the drone the moment it entered their enclosure and immediately started arming themselves with sticks.

One of the chimps was perched in  a tree with a long branch. He seemed to not pay the drone any attention and patiently waited for the drone to come closer. The moment the drone was within reach, the chimp hit it out of the sky with a stick. On the ground, the other chimps quickly overpowered the drone.

As the camera on the drone kept filming throughout the whole affair, the now completely destroyed drone still managed to capture some remarkable images.

This video has gone absolutely viral, with media all over the world reporting on it. The video already has more than 1.7 million views on YouTube.