FC Twente stripped of three more points amidst money troubles

FC Twente emblem (site: http://en.wikipedia.org)

Dutch football association KNVB stripped FC Twente of yet another three league points for not meeting the standards outlined in its financial plan, the club said in a statement. This is the second time points were deducted from the team this season.

“These [new] sanctions are based on the fact that the interim 2014/2015 results are not meeting the working capital requirement as of December 31, 2014”, explains club board member Gerald van den Belt. “Even so, it is good that we have a new plan written and submitted after a check from the auditor. It is currently under approval by the KNVB”.

Meanwhile, the association gave the club a permission to revise its "too ambitious" financial plan. The new plan is currently under consideration by KNVB.

In addition to cutting staff expenses, the club is ceasing to use professional scouting. “The coaching staff and the newly appointed director will have an important role in scouting," van den Belt said.

“The new plan must give us some breathing room, because we are spending more time on financial recovery; more precisely over two seasons," club board member Gerald van den Belt said. “That does not take away the fact that the new targets are so very tight, that we cannot allow any costs to slip by us."

Twente has been experiencing financial problems since April 2014. After the public warning and the previous point subtraction, this is the third sanction imposed by the license commission.