Saddam Hussein's chemical supplier must pay victim claims

Saddam Hussein in 2004 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Megapixie)Saddam Hussein in 2004 (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Megapixie)

The Court of Appeal in The Hague ruled today that Saddam Hussein's mustard gas supplier has to pay compensation to a number of Iraq and Iran citizens.

In 1987 and 1988 the Iraqi regime, led by Saddam Hussein, performed a number of mustard gas attacks in Iraq and Iran. These attacks caused serious damage, including health damage, to civilians in these cities. The court charges the man of supplying the regime  with a key raw material, TDG, for the production of mustard gas, knowing full well what it would be used for.

In 2007 the man was criminally prosecuted. The Hague court gave him a lengthy prison sentence and ordered him to pay compensation to victims in Iran and Iraq. The Court of Appeal now confirmed that ruling.


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