Pathologist questions suicide ruling in teen's violent death

Lesley Timmer (Picture: Twitter/@sebasdiekstra)Lesley Timmer (Picture: Twitter/@sebasdiekstra)

The injuries that Lesley Timmer sustained during his alleged suicide, are not consistent with a fall from a bridge, pathologist Frank van de Groot old AD after studying the report on the boy's death.

Lesley was found severely wounded on the road under the Kennedy bridge in Liege, Belgium in June 2010. He died a short time after being found without regaining consciousness. His death was ruled a suicide.

According to Van de Groot, it is remarkable that the boy had injuries on both the front and the back of his body. The report explains it by stating that his body turned when he landed, but Van de Groot finds this unlikely. "Someone who falls does not bounce, not even from 10 meters high." The pathologist also questions the fact that Timmer's hands and feet were bound. According to him, this does happen in suicides, but primarily with people who then drown themselves - to keep them from swimming. He also points out that the report indicates that Timmer sustained brain damage eight hours before his death. "If that is true, then there is serious doubt about how he died" Van de Groot said.

To date it has always been assumed that Lesley was found shortly after he jumped as witnesses saw him on the bridge. According to Lesley's father, Rene Timmer, Lesley felt threatened before he suddenly disappeared in June 2010.