Tele2 switching on 4G, customers moved to fast network by July

Tele2 logo (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Tele2)Tele2 logo (Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Tele2)

Tele2 customers with smartphones that can handle 4G connections, will be transferred onto the faster network within 3 months, spokesperson Jan-Willem Gussinklo confirmed to NU.

The Swedish company has recently become the 4th provider with its own 4G network in the Netherlands. The company started relocating people living in the coverage area, the Randstad, yesterday.

For the time being, new customers will not have access to 4G. "We want our existing customers to be able to take advantage of it first." Gussinklo told the newspaper.

A large part of the Randstad has outdoor coverage on Tele2's 4G network. About 50 percent of the area has indoor coverage. The provider first wants to improve the coverage in the Randstad before activating towers in a larger area.