No parking worse than dog poo: Amsterdam

Geen honden poep
"No dog doo" sign (Photo: Flickr/bstrasser)"No dog doo" sign (Photo: Flickr/bstrasser)

Unpicked-up dog feces has dropped to third place on a city-compiled list of what most annoys Amsterdam, reports Het Parool.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, residents' most common complaint was street-strewn dog droppings, according to surveying by Amsterdam's office of Research, Information and Statistics (OS). In 1985, 68 percent of those surveyed named it a major nuisance, compared to the 29 percent reported this year.

Today’s greatest source of irritation is insufficient parking, says Het Parool. Speeding drivers – of all forms of transportation, two- and four-wheeled – take the silver medal. Urban congestion, moms hauling their kids in cargo bikes known as "bakfietsen" and beer-bars on wheels known as "bierfietsen" all get honorable mention.