Motorcycle club chief resigns, tells police about assassination attempt

Klaas Otto has resigned as the president of the motorcycle club No Surrender and now wants to make a statement to the police about what he calls an assassination attempt, NOS reports.

Otto wants to give a testimony to the police about a shooting in Poppel, Belgium - just across the border from Tilburg. The rules of the motorcycle club, however, prohibits talking to the police. According to Otto, he was shot in the neck by a man he visited. He did not report the incident to the police as doing so is against the internal rules. Otto told NOS reporter Robert Bas, that the shooter, a car dealer, is wrongly accusing him of blackmail. Bas suspects that the car dealer owes Otto money.

According to Bas, it remains to be seen whether Otto will return to No Surrender. "I can not imagine that No Surrender will continue without Klaas Otto or Klaas Otto continuing without No Surrender." he said. Bas thinks that Otto resigning as president and wanting to talk to the police will not pose a problem to his return to the club. "The internal code of the club is especially meant that you do not talk about each other or what you heard at the club abut fellow club members. This [conflict, ed] seems to stand outside the club, a private conflict between Klaas Otto and this Joop M."