Worst valet ever: Dutch-owned Ferrari crashed into Rome store

Crashed Ferrari in Rome (Picture: Twitter/@sjoerdvstokkum). (Crashed Ferrari in Rome (Picture: Twitter/@sjoerdvstokkum))

The valet of a hotel in Rome crashed a unbelievably expensive Dutch owned Ferrari 599 GTB into a store on Via del Viminale in Rome on Monday morning, De Telegraaf reports.

Exactly what went wrong is still unclear. According to the Italian newspaper II Tempo, the driver was slightly injured. The car is a complete write off and the facade of the store is completely destroyed. The accident attracted a lot of attention in Rome and dozens of pictures of the crash can be found on Italian websites.

The unfortunate Ferrari was participating in the Cars & Business tour. Cars & Businesses is Dutch car connoisseur Sjoerd van Stokkum's club. Van Stokkum has been traveling through Italy with dozens of expensive racing cars since last week.