Woman throws debit card reader at NS staff

A 34-year-old woman from Deventer was detained at a train station after throwing a debit card reader at the head of an NS employee on Wednesday, NU reports. The NS staff member managed to come away from the incident with just a sore jaw, police reported. 

The woman reportedly became angry because she did not have enough money for her train ticket and, as a result, took the debit card reader and threw it at the employee.

Another NS employee and a helpful customer managed to prevent the indignant woman from throwing a screen as well, according to NU.

The woman was arrested with "appropriate force" and taken to a police station.

This is yet another incident in which an NS worker has been the victim of violence while on duty. An NS worker was assaulted at Utrecht Central Station two weeks ago. NS, ProRail, Parliament and unions have discussed the violence with the Ministry of Security and Justice. Parliament is trying to expedite finding measures against the aggression.