Holleeder's threats caught on tape; trial begins

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Audio recordings of Willem Holleeder threatening his sister with death have leaked to the public just before the criminal case against Holleeder started in the court of Amsterdam today, AD reports. Holleeder stands trial for his possible involvement in the assassinations on Kees Houtman in 2005 and Thomas van der Bijl in 2006.

On the recordings Holleeder can be heard threatening his sister. He states that no one can do anything to him and blames his sister as the cause of all his problems with his partners in the underworld and with justice. "Who do you think you are? One mistake and it's over hear!" he can be heard saying according to the newspaper. "You are the villain in my life! I have only misery from you, cancer whore! Everyone's against me because of you!"

The court in Amsterdam will decide today whether Holleeder's custody will be extended. Another decision the court has to make is whether the new statements made by Holleeder's two sisters and ex-girlfriend will be added to the file. One of Holleeder's sisters, Sonja, and Sandra, Holleeder's ex-girlfriend and the widow of Sam Klepper who was murdered in 2000, told their story to the press yesterday. As these three important women in Holleeder's life are eyewitnesses to his inner world, their statements could have major implications for the criminal case.