Vaccine programmes cancelled in unsafe needles investigation

Syringes of the frequently used Terumo brand could contain epoxy resin, which could unintentionally leak into a patients bloodstream, current affairs program Dossier EenVandaag revealed last night. Based on this information the National Institute for Public Health and Environment (RIVM) launched an investigation and advised against the use of Terumo syringes. 

According to RTL, all health authorities in the Netherlands will now use other syringes for vaccinations. The Public Health Service Limburg Zuid has cancelled its vaccination program for today, tomorrow and Wednesday because of a lack of other needles. According to the RIVM's website, the needles were used, among other things, for the government's vaccination program against MMR - measles, mumps and rubella - and hepatitis B.

Dossier EenVandaag reports that one in 5 syringes have problems with glue resin, which means that there are at least 100 thousand flawed needles in the Netherlands. The epoxy glue that is released by these flawed needles contain BADGE and BPA, which are substances that are considered disruptive to hormones. These substances are associated with prostate cancer, obesity, breast cancer and fertility problems.

Terumo admitted to EenVandaag that there is a problem with the glue, but claims that the amount of BADGE that can enter the body is far below the permitted level.