"Cuddly Owl" shows "Horror Owl" how it's done

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Another owl in the Netherlands is making the news. While the "horror owl" of Purmerend attacks people, the "cuddly owl" of Noordeinde companionably lands on passersby's heads, Omroep Gelderland reports.

Unlike the horror owl, cuddly owl does not use his claws. He will just land on someone's head and sit there calmly, without inflicting pain. The owl is believed to be tame.

Birdwatchers from across the country are flocking to Noordeinde to observe and interact with the friendly eagle owl.

The residents of the village on the Noord-Veluwe say that their town has finally been placed on the map by this owl. "I have seen photographers and birders from around the country, from The Hague to Spijkenisse, they come from everywhere to see the eagle owl. Our village is finally on the map!" a resident told the newspaper.

Several residents believe that the owl may have escaped from an aviary in Oosterwolde.