450,000 bikes stolen in 2014; only 25% reported to police

. Picture: Wikimedia Commons/Jorge Láscar

Of the about 450,000 bicycles that were stolen last year, only 110,202 were reported to the police. That is only 24.48 percent. This is according to figures from the foundation Aanpak Voertuigcriminaliteit (Tackling Vehicle Crime), Het Parool reports.

"Owners often do not have information on their bicycle to be able to report it or think that the police will not find the bicycle anyway," said Titus Fisher, director of Aanpak Voertuigcriminaliteit. "That's why we don't get a true picture of the problem. Moreover, this also means that a lively trade in stolen bikes remains in existence."

The foundation urges people to always report a stolen bike. "Preferably with as much information as possible, like frame and lock number, so that if a batch of bicycles are found the rightful owner can easily be identified."