Gunman killed self after shooting stepson, 20, and daughter, 9

Tricht murder
A police mobile command unit outside a crime scene in Tricht (TeamchefGeldermalsen/Twitter). (A police mobile command unit outside a crime scene in Tricht (TeamchefGeldermalsen/Twitter))

A 41-year-old man who shot-and-killed his 20-year-old stepson and nine-year-old daughter then killed himself, police said Thursday. Investigators revealed the cause of death in the Saturday, March 7, tragedy on Landmanweg in Etten-Leur, Noord Brabant after several days of forensic research and witness interviews.

A neighbour on Landmanweg received a text message from the 41-year old man in which he told about his intentions to commit suicide. The resident alarmed police, since there was no answer on the man's phone and nobody came to the front door of the house. When the officers entered the house, they found the two men and young girl dead.

The mother of the children had nothing to do with the violence and was not in the house at the time of the incident, police remarked.

Several people from the street were interviewed during the investigation. The identities of two victims were known quickly, but it took the investigators until Monday to learn the identity of the 20-year old man.

Neighbors said authorities were previously contacted about problems involving the Etten-Leur family. They said it was a nightmare come-to-life to hear about the fatalities.

The bodies of the dead were released to next-of-kin after the cause of death was determined.