Poke holes in condoms, increase Zeeland population: Labour joke

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The PvdA's latest (joking) idea to increase the population in Zeeland is to prick holes in condoms. "For if we continue to create jobs, we will soon have a shortage of Zeelanders." Ben de Reu says in the latest campaign film.

The PvdA has been worried about the shrinking demographic transition in Zeeland for some time. With this latest video they seem to be indicating that they will do whatever they have to to reverse the situation.

In the past few years the Labor Party has done a lot to work on the problem, according to a statement on the PvdA Zeeland website. This includes calling in Mayor Eberhard van der Laan in 2009, then the Minister of Housing, Communities and Integration, and bringing the issue to the attention of The Hague and getting financial resources to absorb the effects of shrinkage. The party looked at healthcare, public transport and education from a "shrinking perspective" and submitted initiative proposals that were adopted by the Provincial Council.

The PvdA is studying all possible solutions to the shrinking problem, including, it seems, pricking holes in condoms.