ING adds fingerprint recognition to mobile banking

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ING is the first bank in the Netherlands to introduce fingerprint recognition in the Mobile Banking App. This new addition is available from today for ING customers who have the latest iOS devices that are equipped with Touch ID.

ING is launching the fingerprint recognition in to separate releases. The first one, released today, enables customers to log into the app with their personal fingerprint. The fingerprint recognition will be developed further based on customer feedback.

The second release, which ING hopes to release before the summer, will enable customers to also confirm payments through fingerprint recognition.

"The smartphone is becoming increasingly important for our customers to organize banking. Therefore we continue to innovate and ad new features in the app, with which customer feedback plays an important role." Max Mouwen, Director of Internet and Mobile ING Netherlands said. "With the introduction of the fingerprint recognition, we are responding to a major customer wish and we make it even easier for our customers to do their banking on their mobile."