Wolves return to Netherlands

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For the first time in about 150 years there is clear evidence that there is a wild wolf in the Netherlands. The wolf was photographed along the N381 near Noord-Sleen In Drenthe on Saturday morning. He was spotted again on Sunday morning in the municipality of AA en Hunze, east of Assen, Metronieuws reports.

The wolf crossed into the Netherlands from Germany, where he was spotted close to the border during the past few days, Elsevier reports. "Great news! The first wolf walked into the Netherlands!" Natuurmonumenten proclaimed on Twitter. Leo Linnartz, from the organization Wolven in Nederland (Wolves in the Netherlands) called it "a historic day".

The province of Drenthe is very happy with the wolf's visit. "The wolf is a protected animal and is welcome in Drenthe. We are keeping track of the animal's whereabouts as much as possible, as this is the first wolf walking around in the Netherlands in two centuries."

Wolven in Nederland is also thrilled. "With the wolf nature in the Netherlands becomes much more complete," Linnartz said. "Large predators like wolves can play a key role in the ecosystem." There are also some bonus effects, such as scavengers like crows and martens benefiting from the fact that wolves do not eat everything they catch.

According to Wolven in Nederland's website, wolves are not dangerous to humans in principle. "Wolves avoid contact with people. In a meeting they react with great caution and generally not aggressively." The website also states what you should do when coming across a wolf. "Treat a wolf with respect and keep a sufficient distance from the animal, as with all large wild animals."