Police enter Univ. Amsterdam, remove first Bungehuis protestors

Police Officers removing occupiers from the Bungehuis (Picture: Twitter/@Bkycdo)Police Officers removing occupiers from the Bungehuis (Picture: Twitter/@Bkycdo)

The police are currently removing De Nieuwe Universiteit protesters from the University of Amsterdam, AD reports. 

The police started clearing the building at about 09:15 this morning. Spuistraat has been closed off for traffic. The protesters are being led from the Bungehuis to arrest vans parked on the property. Thus far the police were able to get the protesters out without coercion.

Some students outside the building are supporting the occupiers with singing and booing when policemen come out of the building.

Among those who have been arrested is Rudolf Valkhoff, according to the newspaper. He is a lecturer in General Cultural Studies, a course that will be removed completely.

The occupiers twice met with a delegation from the University of Amsterdam and Mayor Eberhard van der Laan to try and come to a solution of their concerns. Both these meetings failed. The occupiers rejected the UvA's proposal of a week long conference where their problems and concerns can be discussed. They also refused to leave the Bungehuis, despite the UvA filing a lawsuit to remove them and the court's subsequent ruling that they should vacate the building or face a 1,000 euro fine for each day they remain.