Drones to be used in earthquake damage assessment

The NAM will be using drones to assess the damage caused by earthquakes in Groningen, BNR reports.

The drones will especially be used to assess the damage to high buildings, according to Sander van Rootselaar of NAM. Without the drones, scaffolding would have to be put up around the buildings so that inspectors can get up high enough to assess the damage done to the building. This is not only expensive and a lot of work, but also less safe for the inspectors.

"With this equipment we manly carrout inspections and measurements from the air", Jan van Liebergen of drone developer Skeye told BNR. "The drone is really only a means to take a variety of different sensors into the air. With those sensors we collect data which we process further internally. We then provide a final product to the customer."

NAM is awaiting the first evaluations in anticipation. If the results are positive, drones will be used more often. "We're starting with monuments and churches for example. That of course deserves special attention, especially because they are cultural heritages." Van Rootselaar said to BNR. "Then we will see where we can apply it even more."


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