Forty Europe nations in Amsterdam in UN peacekeeping talks

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Representatives of more than 40 European countries will meet at a conference to discuss UN Peacekeeping missions today and tomorrow. This is at the invitation of Minister Bert Koenders of Foreign Affairs. 

The aim of the conference is to examine how European countries con contribute more efficiently to the UN missions. "Together we have a lot of experience with UN peacekeeping missions. By making concrete proposals on how UN operations should operate in an increasingly risky world, we can strengthen those operations." Koenders said.

According to Koenders, improving the UN missions is not only important for the conflict-affected countries, but also for Europe as a whole. "We also benefit from stability in our neighboring countries and regions", the minister said. "At various places in the world people are fighting for peace. It is now more necessary than ever to demonstrate decisiveness and support the UN peace operations where possible."

The conference in Amsterdam is organized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense.