More academics needed in big business: VVD MP

The VVD has submitted a motion that academics should be able to obtain their doctorate in companies. VVD Parliamentarian Pieter Duisenberg expects that better cooperation between business life and higher education will ensure that more university graduates obtain their doctorates.

"Compared with countries with which we often compare ourselves, the Netherlands is at the bottom of that kind of lists", Duisenberg said on BNR. "We have relatively few doctorates. Getting a doctorate in the Netherlands is less attractive than in other countries. That's a shame because you want a knowledge economy."

According to Duisenberg, the fact that companies by definition have a business interest is not a problem. "That's just the point. What will happen is that companies will do studies that are relevant to them. I think it gives an extra boost to research that addresses the societal challenge that we have."