Friendly note to stranger causes internet sensation

Ikram Azarfane from Helmond has received thousands of responses on a letter of kindness she left in a magazine on at train.

A youth worker found the note and posted it on Twitter. Social media just about exploded with reactions. Several television stations have asked Azarfane to tell her story, but she declined the offers.

"Here you have something to read. Just a magazine, not a book from which you could still pick out something meaningful. For me it is more about the gesture. Big or small, we share everything. The world belongs to all of us. White, brown yellow or purple, we are all human and we are all on the go." the letter reads. "Put all stress aside for now, be proud of yourself. Smile, if only for a moment." The letter ends with an instruction to "be kind".

"I've been doing that since I was seventeen, leaving notes on the train" the now 21 year old Azarfane said, De Gelderlander reports. "I want to give people attention and bring connection, regardless of religion or color. It's nice that something so small can bring such an effect. And it is also sad that it is necessary."

Martin Ouwerkerk, the man who found the letter, wrote a blog post on the experience. This can be read here.