Dutch Finance Min. "Won't speculate" on Grexit

The possibility of Greece's exit from the eurozone is not an issue, said the Dutch Minister of Finance, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, before the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. 

Dijsselbloem did not want to speculate on the consequences of the upcoming Greek elections, but stated that the European Union needs to talk about the Greek aid program with Athens after the election.

The left wing party Syriza is the current frontrunner in the race. The party wants to reverse the cuts that other eurozone countries and IMF have enforced in recent years. The cuts were a condition for the billion euros in aid Greece received.

Earlier it was reported that Germany would accept a Greek exit from the eurozone (Grexit) but Dijsselbloem denied that on Friday. The Minister told the cabinet not to fear for the euro, no matter the outcome of the Greek elections.

Elections are part of democracy, says Dijsselbloem.