More companies stop using cage eggs

Another six companies that produce food want to stop the use of cage eggs, Wakker Dier reported today. These companies are Unox, Cup-a-soup, the Wild Bean cafes at BP gas stations, Cntucinnikoekjes of Sapori, ice cream shops of IJscuypje and the liquid egg products of Kweker.

According to Wakker Dier, the last two companies have already made the switch to humane eggs. The other four will make the switch in the coming year. Earlier this year the animal rights organization reported that Honig, Heinz Sandwich Spread, Subway, Bolletje, DeliXL, Olvarit, Gijs regional products and Yil'driz world sauces completely or partially switched from inhumane cage eggs to free-range or barn eggs. Barn chickens are allowed more movement, but no outdoor air, while free range chickens are allowed outside.

The average Dutchman eats about 150 full eggs per year and an additional 44 processed eggs. These eggs are in mayonnaise, pasta and biscuits, among other products. The origin of these eggs are not always clearly stated on the packaging.

In September Wakker Dier started a campaign against battery cages. According to the organization, about 5 million chickens are held in cages in the Netherlands, this amounts to about 1 in 6 chickens. Each year 2.5 million eggs are also important without stating clearly how the chickens are housed.