Investigators suspect fraud in A2 tunnel build

The Public Prosecutor of the district of Maastricht is investigating fraud in the construction of the A2 tunnel. The general manager of Avenue2 and another manager have been custody for some time. The Dagblad De Limburger and the Limburgs Dagblad reported this on Wednesday.

According to 1limburg, the general manager and his colleague was arrested for questioning on November 8th. The Maastricht Public Prosecutor has confirmed that there is an investigation ongoing. "The district public prosecutor Limburg is investigating forgery in this case and this investigation is in its final stage." said spokesperson Cindy Reijnders.

1limburg reports that the fraud involves times-heets of the Portuguese concrete carpenters working on the tunnel. The Avenue2 director refused to respond. Avenue2 spokesperson Bart Grote claims to know nothing about an investigation or the questioning of the two top managers.

Avenue2 was also in trouble over a year ago. Then it appeared that nearly 1,000 euro was deducted from the salaries of Portuguese workers per month in exchange for a room in a demolition house and flight tickets to Portugal.