Dutch organized crime murders rock Istanbul

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Istanbul was shocked by another execution on Wednesday. The victim is Vedat Sahin, the brother of top criminal Sedat Sahin - a well known name in the Turkish underworld. Sahin was from Rotterdam and was allegedly good friends with Ali Akgun, who was executed earlier on Wednesday. Vedat was shot around 22:00 lat night when he was walking on the street with two bodyguards. They were shot at with a Kalashnikov from a passing car. Vedat Sahin and one of the bodyguards died in the hospital of their injuries. The other bodyguard was seriously injured and is still in hospital.

Ali Akgun, the prime suspect in the Amsterdam execution process Passage, was shot and killed earlier yesterday in the Turkish city. According to the Public Prosecutor, Akgun ordered several executions and worked closely with Willem Holleeder and Dino Soerel. Akgun was shot in a car. According to Turkish media, Akgun's execution happened on Istinye Bair streed in the Maslak district in the north of Istanbul. There were probably to perpetrators who escaped in a car. Passersby tried to help the heavily bleeding Ali Akgun, but he died on the spot. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjWwtbDDbjc