Teens arrested for scam; money donated to Serious Request

Two teenagers from Zoetermeer were arrested on Sunday for fraud. They went door to door as newspaper deliverers and collected money from residents. The money was eventually donated to Serious Request. 

The two teens  (18 and 14 years old) were arrested around 19:00 p.m. on Sunday. The went door to door as newspaper deliverers and wihsed the residents happy holidays. Several residents gave them tips for delivering unaddressed door-to-door newspapers.

One of the residents alerted the police because the cards that the boys were handing out looked unprofessional. When the police found the teens, they admitted that the cards were not real and that they were doing it to get money. The two boys were arrested on suspicion of fraud. The cards and the money was confiscated.

Because it could not be established with certainty who exactly were scammed out of their money, the money (168 euro) was donated to the Serious Request-action of 3FM.

The two boys were released on Monday and will be sentenced to community service.