Police assign 150 detectives to stop Amsterdam gang war

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It is clear that both the Public Prosecutor and the police are doing everything they can to break the spiral of violence occurring in Amsterdam and surrounds. 150 detectives are now engaged in the mega investigation into the gang war.

This is a difficult investigation because very little physical evidence is found after the executions. "Almost no one in this conflict will make a statement and there is generally little technical evidence. If the clues are destroyed, like the getaway vehicles that are burned and the weapons and cartridges are not found, it becomes very difficult to find technical evidence."  said Theo Hofstee, chief officer of Justice, in the AT5 program Misdaad BV.

Due to the lac of evidence, it seems that the only way this gang war will be resolved is for a key witness to come forward. Someone who can make statements based on experience. The question remains who this key witness should be. There are now so many people involved in this conflict that it will be difficult to find someone who has insight into all the executions or execution attempts.