Two French men arrested after 20km police chase

The police arrested two men on Madenstreet in Roosendaal early on Monday morning after a 20 kilometer car chase.

At about midnight Sunday night/Monday morning, the police tried to pull over a French car for a check on Ravelstraat in Bergen op Zoom. The driver ignored the stop signal and sped away. The police gave chase.

The  chase moved in the direction of Roosendaal, first on the A58 and then the A17. In Roosendal, several other police cars joined the chase. The suspect took the exit Roosendaal-Borchwerf and went left. Shortly thereafter the suspect collided with a police car. The French car came to a stop on the roadside.

The two occupants of the vehicle, a 22 year old man and 24 year old man, both from Paris, were arrested and taken to the police station for further investigation.


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