Ex-American footballer, 2 others caught at weapons bust

On Friday De Telegraaf revealed striking details about a number of suspects who were arrested after a large amount of weapons was found in Loosdrecht earlier this week.

A total of seven suspects were arrested in connection with the discovery of the weapons. Among them are three brothers, Peter, Frank and Richard T. According to De Telegraaf, the brothers are often jokingly called "the Daltons". In the past Peter T. had spent six years in prison because of arms dealing. Frank T. used to be a professional American football player for, among others, the Amsterdam Admirals.

On Thursday the police announced that it is still too early to establish a link between the found weapons and the recent series of executions in Amsterdam, "but we are definitely not ruling it out", said a spokesperson. The spokesperson went on to say that the weapons are linked to serious crime. Kalashnikovs, of which 17 were found, have been used in several executions in Amsterdam over the last two years.