Oranje, Flappy Bird, Mutant Spider Dog top Dutch YouTube views

It is the time of year for top ten lists and YouTube has joined the party. The most watched YouTube video of 2014 in the Netherlands is the summary of Netherlands-Spain at the World Cup.



Number two is the funny video Kud - Flappy Bird


Third place goes to a football commercial. Nike Football: Winner Stays. ft Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Rooney, Ibrhimovic, Iniesta & more.



On number 4 is the prank that went viral - Mutant Giant Spider Dog.


And the kissing video First Kiss got 5th place.


The rest of the top ten are an audition of a nun in the Voice of Italy at number 6, "I have 422 friends, yet I'm lonely" by Garty Turk and number 7, Salsa at Britain's Got Talent at number 8, Learn Hustling by one of the most popular YouTube'rs in the Netherlands at number 9 and finally a video of a guy dropping the first iPhone sold in Australia.