Photos released in Zwarte Piet gas station robbery

The police have released photos and video from a surveillance camera of the man dressed as Zwarte Piet robbing the Avia gas station on Europastraat in Borne on November 30th.

The Zwarte Piet perpetrator came into the store with a bag and walked around until there were no other customers. He then took a bat out of the bag and hit the employee behind the counter over the head. He grabbed some money from the counter and fled. A day earlier, Saturday November 29th, a robbery was committed at a snack bar on Deldensestraat in Borne by possibly the same perpetrator. This man had a similar scarf covering his face. The Zwarte Piet perpetrator may have struck again on Thursday, December 4th at 20:30. This time at a gas station on Willem van Otterloostraat in Hengeloo. The perpetrator again had a scarf covering his face. The perpetrator seems to be a slim, young, light skinned man. He has brown eyes and speaks Dutch without an accent. The woman at the gas station in Borne says that she could see brown hair beneath his wig. The police are asking for possible witnesses of any of these three attacks to contact them.